Tanning Tips

Dos and Don’ts

DO  Shower, exfoliate and shave/wax your body before spray tanning.

DO  Wear dark colored garment (if any, of preference) to tan in.  The tanning solution does wash out of clothing but could potentially leave residue on light clothing.

DO  Wait at least 8 hours before showering after you spray tan.  Wait 18 hours before hot tubing.

DO  Take showers instead of baths as a bath can accelerate the fading of your tan.

DO  Moisturize!!  Apply lotion morning and night (after 8 hours) to hydrate your skin and help even your tan as it fades.

DON’T  Apply makeup, lotion, perfumes or deodorant before tanning

DON’T  Exercise or get wet until 8 hours post shower after tan

DON’T  Exfoliate until your tan has faded completely.

DON’T  Worry!  Your tan is not washing off.  The bronzing agent that sits on the skin will wash down the drain but the tan will darken gradually over the first 8 hours.  Skin types affect how often you need to tan usually (7-10 days).